domingo, diciembre 11, 2005

Más tests... tengo un viciooo...

What villain of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince are you?

You are Romilda Vane

You love Harry. You are constantly trying to get his attention, and you won’t stop until he’s yours. Unfortunately, those chocolate frogs you put love potion in, may or may not be eaten by others… like Ron Weasley.
How are you going to die?

Death through freak supernatural incident

You are going to die in a freak vampire/werewolf incident. I would start carrying garlic and silver bullets if I were you. There is something weird about your demeanor, and evil is attracted to you. Plus you may be a little attracted to evil too.

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Anónimo dijo...

hola! Soy Iris, no se si esq soy mu torpe y no lo veo o si realmente no lo has puesto pero...dd tan los links a los tests?ponlos anda y gracias por grabarme eduardo scissorhands, que me hacía mucha ilusion