sábado, marzo 26, 2011

100 facts about me

100 facts about me

1. I discovered yesterday I have a freckle on my lip. xD
2. I promised not to cut my hair till I finish my college degree. When I started the degree, my hair reached my neck. It reaches my hips now.
3. I am a random person. Sometimes stuff comes to my mind has nothing to do with the thing we're talking about
4. I only drink once a year. St Patrick's day.
5. Alcohol makes my stomach hurt very much. That's why I dont drink it.
6. I love tea.
7. I lived 9 months in Ireland, and my plans for the future are living there.
8. Most people think Im strong, but truth is I have a weak self-esteem
9. My favorite music genres are metal (mostly death), celtic music and new age.
10. I dont like bright colours, they kind of hurt my eyes.
11. I have ten piercings. Planning to get two more soon.
12. I am a night person.
13. I dont eat spicy food. It hurts my stomach >___<
14. I like cappuccinos, but only the ones I make. The ones you have at a cafeteria tastes like they were burned.
15. I'd love getting tattooed.
16. When I was younger (like at eighteen) I thought I would never be loved, I didnt deserve it.
17. I love being hugged, but I'll never tell.
18. I have a cat called Dana. She's one of my best friends.
19. Most of my friends dont live in the same city I do.
20. I love irish accent.
21. When I was 10 my family and I were on holidays and we stayed in a camping where all the children were foreigners. We used to play all together, but never speak. I felt so uncommunicated that after that I try to learn a lot of languages xD
22. My mother is a Twilight fan. She's named her dog "Bella".
23. When I go out my favorite drink is Coca-cola.
24. It is really easy to make me laugh.
25. I have a blood disease. Auto-inmune Thrombocytopenia. And Anemia, because of this.
26. When I get a cold, it always focus in my throat.
27. When I was a kid I was really skinny, I was always sick and had really high temperatures. I was on a treatment till I was seven or so. After that I got better and started gaining weight.
28. My favourite city is Dublin. After that, Granada (where I live right now) and Cáceres (where my aunt lives).
29. I hate summers. But I understand "summer" as the kind of summer in the place where I grew up. We reach 50ºC every year.
30. I want to do the Way of St. James some year. The one starting in Seville, and walking about 1000 kilometers.
31. Im afraid of the dark.
32. I actually like my nose, eyes and eyebrows. I dont like my lips.
33. I dont paint my nails till the nail polish I had has gone completely by itself.
34. I love chocolate.
35. I love Linguistics, but i hate having to study it.
36. I love Christmas candies. :D (turrón, mantecados, mazapanes, polvorones...)
37. I used to like fish a lot till I had to have lunch at my neighbour and she cooked the fish... unguttered.
38. I cant cook. Well, I can, but usually it burns xD
39. I love singing in Elvish language... and in Irish.
40. I talk to my cat. She answers.
41. I have a scar on my right wrist. People think I cut myself. I got cut by a wire fence when I was seven.
42. When I can, I prefer to have a tea and a sandwich for breakfast rather than something sweet.
43. I procrastine. A lot.
44. I cant live without music.
45. Sometimes it's easier for me to speak in english rather than my native language (spanish)
46. The tea I always drink is an irish brand. I dont drink any other.
47. My calendars always must be bought in Ireland, since 2006.
48. I have big boobs. I think they're annoying.
49. I saw my greatgrandmother die. She asphyxiated.
50. I love handcraft.
51. I start stories all the time. Never finish them, but they still develop in my head.
52. I laugh alone a lot xD
53. I prefer watching a movie in its original language rather than dubbed.
54. I watch tv shows in its original language unless Im studying or something, so I play it in Spanish so I can focus on what Im doing
55. I like Final Fantasy. My favorite is IX, but I've never finished it xDDD
56. I cant go out without my mp3.
57. When I go out I always chech my "Holy Trinity": cellphone, keys, wallet.
58. I have dirty mind when people talk. It's different when I talk, I usually mean the literal thing I say.
59. I've never kissed a girl. Yet.
60. I was born with a murmur in my heart. Nothing to worry, but it is there.
61. I was born at the seventh month.
62. Seven is my favourite number.
63. Unless Im at my parents' place or sick, I usually dont have soup.
64. When I was a kid I had straight, thin, dark brown hair. Now it is curly, thick and black.
65. I am short. About 1.56-1.58m (5'1")
66. I love pasta.
67. And other kind of fast-food.
68. I love black pepper. I put black pepper on -almost- EVERYTHING.
69. I like grilled swordfish ^^
70. Cheese is cool. Unless there's mold or worms on it. I like normal cheese.
71. I was raised in Catholic Christian tradition, but Im more like agnostic.
72. I used to play tennis when I was a teen. I liked it.
73. It is the first time Im dating a girl.
74. In books and films, I love bittersweet open endings. They make you think.
75. I dont like rollercoasters or stuff like that. They scare the hell out of me.
76. The moment I step on Irish land, I just thought "I'm home". I still think it is, that I was born in the wrong country.
77. I always carry my agenda and a notebook to write and doodle wherever I go.
78. When I read or hear something I like or a funny quote, I always write it down.
79. I've studied seven foreign languages so far. The only one I speak fluently is English, but I can say some stuff (and even understand it) in the others.
80. My very first boyfriend was Italian. My friends called him Ravioli.
81. My first crush was a girl. She doesnt know it. She's ok about two boys being together, but when it is about two girls, she totally freaks out. And she's a very good friend of mine.
82. I've attempted suicide twice.
83. I am right handed.
84. My right leg is shorter than my left one. I found out last year xDDDD Yeah, Im so aware of myself xD
85. My right eyelid is larger.
86. My glasses are always hanging from my nose. If I put them in the right place they touch my eyelashes and I dont like how it feels.
87. I prefered to play alone rather than play with other kids. They didnt play the way I liked xD
88. I want to work teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
89. I'd love living in Ireland.
90. Im allergic to spiders
91. I yawn a lot. Sorry if you feel offended some time.
92. I love taking silly photos.
93. My mp3's name is Destroyer. My laptop's name is Lazarus II. The old one was called Lazarus because in its last days it switched off all the time, but then I could switch it on again.
94. I cant go to sleep without brushing my teeth.
95. I hug the pillow to sleep.
96. I collect mugs.
97. I have a lot of postcards on my walls.
98. I usually dont make my bed xD
99. I get inspired a lot when Im doing the washing up. That's why I call my muse, "Sink muse"
100. It took me three days to write this. xD

jueves, marzo 24, 2011

Promesas rotas

Sería de mis primeros años en internet. Quizá un poco más adelante, sobre el 2002. Conocí a un chico magnífico, de Puerto Rico, y pasó lo que todos veían venir.

Vivir lejos de la persona que quieres es una putada. Es una putada ya incluso a unas pocas horas de distancia en bus. Imaginad lo que es al otro lado del charco.

Por eso, me prometí a mí misma que nunca más.

Obviamente debí recordar aquello de "nunca digas nunca".

Ha vuelto a ocurrir, y soy la persona más feliz del mundo. Quizá tan feliz como otra personita, a unos cuantos miles de kilómetros. ¡Te quiero!

Post moñas es moñas. Sue me.

sábado, marzo 19, 2011

Original: Sangre 2/?

Sí, doble post hoy. Hay que joderse.

Os dejo con el segundo capítulo de Sangre. Disfrutadlo. O no. El capítulo uno está aquí.


Mal momento para escoger una película que no deberías ver.

Muy, muy mal momento.

Cuando el destino te pilla con los pantalones bajados y te apuñala, te sientes traicionado. Traicionado por la vida. No es tu culpa. No es culpa de nadie.

Pero te sientes culpable. "Debería hacer algo", piensas, "Debería haber hecho algo". Pero no lo hiciste, y ahora te carcome el alma, te devora la mente y te mata por dentro. Es un veneno. Es ácido, y corre y se diluye a través de tus venas e infecta cada célula.

Y quieres hacer algo para borrarlo. Quieres arreglarlo y no puedes. Ya está hecho. El ojo por ojo no vale. Sabes que no funcionaría. Sabes que no es lo mismo. Sabes que nadie te devolverá aquello que perdiste.

Te quedas sorda. Y ciega. Tus dedos ya no sienten, has perdido el tacto en todo tu cuerpo y tus tripas se revuelven, gritando. Tu garganta quiere gritar. Quieres dar patadas a las paredes. Quieres arañar las puertas. Quieres sacarle los ojos. Quieres reventarle la columna. Quieres que te lo devuelva.

Pero eso no se recupera. Nunca se recupera. Siempre está ahí, una herida que no cierra, una infección que nunca cura del todo. Que duele y supura cuando crees que ha cicatrizado.

¿De qué sirve contarlo? ¿Sirve? Quizá sí. Quizá no. Cuando la gente que aprecias te mira pensando que hay algo muy mal en ti, a veces piensas que es mejor contarlo. Otras veces es mejor cerrar la boca. Pero, ¿quién es la persona correcta? No lo sabes. Tienes que arriesgarte. Y enseñar la herida. A veces ofrecen una tirita. Te ponen una venda. Te cuidan, esperando que se cure. No se curará, pero al menos esperas hasta que deje de sangrar, y entonces abres bien las ventanas y te asomas, inclinándote sobre ella, como retando a la fuerza de la gravedad. A ver si puedes conmigo. Y te sientes invencible.

No lo eres. Sólo eres una pieza de porcelana remendada con pegamento de segunda.

domingo, marzo 13, 2011

Beatha Gender Bender

Bueno, acabo de terminarlo. ¿Cómo serían Sam y Liam si fueran chicas?

Básicamente Sam es igual. Es una persona sociable y abierta. Ha heredado de su madre el pecho generoso y las caderas anchas; y le gusta llevar el pelo corto porque es mucho más cómodo.

Liam (o como quiera que sea su nombre de tía) aquí sigue siendo tímida. Lleva el pelo largo, como su madre, y normalmente viste ropa que no atraigan mucho la atención.

jueves, marzo 10, 2011

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time


Disfrutadlo. Y ved el resto.

miércoles, marzo 09, 2011


Sólo porque sí:

Mis apuntes de Literatura II que tomo en clase:

Y ahora los apuntes de literatura II cuando los paso a limpio xD

martes, marzo 01, 2011


Hoy fue el entierro de mi abu. No hay mucho que decir sobre ello.

Así que, en lugar de eso os traigo fotos de esta noche. Mi madre me ayudó a alisarme el pelo. Bueno, en realidad ella hizo todo el trabajo, yo sólo me senté en la silla y empecé a dar coscorrones porque aparte de madrugar, que me hagan cosas en el pelo me relaja mucho.

Sí, eso es mi cuarto en casa de mis padres xD