domingo, diciembre 11, 2005

Dissapointed in the ideals (otro test)

You're dissapointed in the ideals.

This world is forever screwed because of the weakness of the pathetic specie on it known as humans. Uniqueness and originality will soon be but a memory of something that... No, actually, it has never even been in the first place.

Why can't people not only accept but LIKE the fact that we're all different? Why do people change for the sick, bimbo-alistic ideals someone completely free from the thing called IQ came up with one probably not so very special day? And to what do they change? Copies?

WHO WANTS TO BE A FUCKING COPY ANYWAY???! Being a copy, the original will always be one step higher up anyway. Let's just hope that one day, the world will be filled up with different, special and interesting people instead of what is now. This is the dissapointement that I (the writer...) personally feels strongest. I've lost my best friends to the ideals because they were to weak to resist them. But I stand alone and strong and will forever. And so will probably you who got this result too. You're creative, passionate and generally a happy person.

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