miércoles, mayo 26, 2010

Yadda yadda

Just bored. Im almost heading to work and I still have a free half an hour so here I am, bored. Not time enough to type some Literature notes into my laptop. I should, though. But you know, procrastination is my second name.

Ok, it isnt actually, but who cares?

Yesterday we ordered some Chinese and eat them. Chinese people are yummy. Specially with noodles. Or rice. Or sweet n sour sauce. Oh nom nom nom.

And we also watched The Pick of Destiny, since Martoki and Crickles hadnt seen it. It was totally fun.

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Misery dijo...

Ains... de qué podría trabajar yo este verano? Y de RP no, que me da vergüenza estar ahí dando la vara a la gente y que Cris me diga que la cerveza gratis donde está xD

Ariniel dijo...

De burbujita de Freixenet