miércoles, mayo 05, 2010

Blah blah blah english entry

Sounds "The Haunted" on my tracklist right now and Im bored and Im studying and I feel like speaking English, and since Im bored enough to write... well... here I am.

Didnt attend Yoga today. I forgot. I was at home doing something I dont remember and then I went to my living room and played Final Fantasy XII for a while and had dinner and started studying and suddenly I remembered I had yoga today. Pffft. Well, one more class I will attend in the future xD

Im studying Spanish Literature II right now and it's BORING. I mean, it's not that books are boring, but I already know what happened then. Industrialization, Romanticism, all that. But Im re-writing my notes (that means "studying" for me) and I dont wanna do that, but I have to.

I was actually going to say something interesting, really, but I totally forgot. I dont remember U_U. By the way, burritos are EVIL. My stomach is just killing me.

Cris and I are such a fans. We were speaking about her medical tests about her liver and she said: "Nah, Im fine. I switched my pee with a cat's" and then I said: "Well, how's the cat? Is it dead?" And she replied "Ask Marta about it". By the way, Marta = Toki Wartooth. Now you probably are able to get the joke (just if you know the right fandom xD)

Well, half an hour later, I still dont remember what I wanted to say, so I'll post this huge crappy thing and edit if it comes to my mind.

Sweet dreams are made of this

Oh, maybe I'll post something else in like... 18 hours or something. 50% chance. Have fun.

5 comentarios:

AsheCrow dijo...

Gracias por la correccion del post ;) ciertamente era el 22 (y eso q mire la fecha en las entradas q tengo en la cartera antes de escribirla ..... xD)

Ariniel dijo...

ya decia yo que no caía el lunes xD

Misery dijo...

Soy Toki --__--(L)
Iba a hacerme un lj, pro como prefiero que el día que me lo haga, tenga tu dirección cerca, para que me digas como va, pues me hice un blog y me dediqué a llenarlo de estupideces antes de comentarte por aquí.

Ariniel dijo...

AY, TOKIII. No tienes ningún gato muerto por ahi, no? Es que Cris y yo estamos preocupás xD

Bueno, no te preocupes, que quedamos y te enseño a hacer el LJ y así puedes seguir sausagefestival y i_hates_you y fandomsecrets y todo eso :)

Quería quedar contigo, btw, pero me siento un poco sanguijuela. Apuntes U_U. Te invito a cenar o algo? Es que hace también un montón que no te veo y me rallo.

Misery dijo...

Tranqui, este finde un día fijo que es exclusivo pa' ti =)(Y también para Ewan, angelico mio... que mal rato en El escritor xD)