lunes, febrero 21, 2011



Well, truth is we didnt have the first class and I skipped the second one. Because I had work to do!

I just learnt today I have to hand my paperwork in before FRIDAY if I want to go to Chile next year. And I need to know what subjects do they have and if they're the same subjects as the ones I have here so I can study them and blablabla... and the Chilean university is a total bitch!!!!!!!!!

So I looked for my international coordinator and she helped me a bit. I have to send her the apply TONIGHT. Hahaha *stressed*

Anyway, I was going downstairs from the coordinator's office and this girl asked me for help. She's American, from San Francisco, and she wanted to know where was some class.

Then I met a Spanish guy and her American friend. They are really nice, and we're going to do some language exchange :D

Besides this guy showed me a really cool place to have some coffee or lunch. Bad thing is it's expensive (not so much, really, and the food seems REALLY good). And the sight... I can see the Alhambra from there and the whole city. Really really cool.

It was windy today. This windy. Just came home.

And my GEOLINGUISTICS classes are totally cooooooooooool!

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