martes, marzo 10, 2009

Signs you've been in Limerick too long...


1. You have an uncontrolable urge to steal.

2. You keep going on about how great Limerick and Garryowen are.

3. To you, organised crime is putting petrol in the getaway car.

4. You start to cry when you hear 'Beautiful Munster'.

5. You think anyone from Limerick has a great sense of humour.

6. You think everyone's heard of Barry Foley.

7. You think Dubliners are 'soft east coast ashey pets' ... until they kick your head in at rugby.

8. You deny that it rains all the time ... as you struggle home with the shopping in yet another torrential downpour.

4 comentarios:

Ramona dijo...

J'adore Limerick

Anónimo dijo...

kmo sescribe Limerick en ingles????????????????????????????

Ariniel dijo...

Anónimo, estás tomando drogas? xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Y bueno, por responderte a algo, Limerick es... Limerick. En irlandés es Luimnigh.

Anónimo dijo...

Solo tomo drogas los martes, los miércoles me emborracho, los jueves descanso y de viernes a lunes me prostituyo en la esquina de la plaza donde para el bus 40.