domingo, mayo 17, 2009

To Spammers y otras hierbas

En serio, gente. BUSCAROS UNA VIDA. Es mi blog (y me lo follo cuando quiero). Llevo ya cuatro años en él y postearé LO QUE QUIERA Y CUANDO QUIERA. Si os parece aburrido, una mierda, o lo más cutre del mundo, es mi puto problema. No estoy pidiento vuestra aprobación. Dejad de petarme el chatterbox con basura, por favor.

Sí, es verdad que a todo el mundo nos gusta que nos lean. Pero tanto comentario random junto es como "God, please stop this fuckery". Quiero decir, a mi no me importa que la gente pase por aqui, diga algo y se vaya. Y que vuelva si quiere. Me parece guay, de puta madre, chachi, genial, perfecto, lo que queráis. Pero gente. Que se os va la olla Y MUCHO. Y cuando yo digo mucho, yo, que no tengo consciencia sobre medidas, ya es decir.


I'm kind of sick these days. I feel tired the whole day, I just want to get some sleep. And I do, like a lot. I sleep till my body hurts and says "no more" and I wake up and feel sleepy and tired and sick and sappy. Hormones' things, probably. And I try really hard but I cant do anything to fix it.

Im quitting Italian. I'll take Chinese next year. Reason? I find Italian kind of... easy. I know it's not, but it's like boring when I hear something and I can understand it without a real effort. Yeah, sometimes I do need some time to think about what it's said, but it's not the big thing. I know I cant speak it, but I can read it and I can hear and understand it. And there's no big problems when speaking to an Italian in Spanish. I've tried and... I mean, you can communicate with each other.

Id like to try German again, but I think I'll do it by myself, as well as Finnish, Scottish Gaelic... and Irish Gaelic. I'd like to try Esperanto and keep on studying Japanese. It's sad I forgot a lot of this one. Haven't spoken it properly in kind of... two years. And I wasn't that fluent then.


I'd like to translate Beatha into English. It would be difficult for me, I think, since I have a great mixture among slangs and probably I couldnt explain the differences when my characters talk. I mean, Sam is the bully boy, he grew up with is gang and he bullied Liam during school. Then he became a good guy, but he's still a lovely, naughty bastard. And Liam always was the nerdie one. He loves books and he's proud of knowing in which exact page there's this or that piece of information.

Anyway, it would be difficult for me with expressions, too. Probably it's because I never felt curious about proper insults when I was in Ireland.

It's not that I'd be successful by translating it, it's just Id like some of my friends be able to read it easily since they dont speak fluent Spanish.


I was in Madrid last weekend. I still dont believe I came back to Granada. Im just feeling kind of nostalgic and sappy and I miss being there speaking with my wife till dawn and then going to sleep till lunch time or later. I miss her dog shaking her tail happily while licking my arms when I hold her. I miss the continuous yadda-yadda and the conversations inside the car. I miss meeting Morwen and hugging her so tight making her feet dont touch the ground. I miss the role play chats with my friends in restaurants or burgers. Id like to stop time and have a lot of money. I miss watching films and documentals and making jokes about it the whole time.

This makes me think: Oi, guys, why cant you live FUCKIN' NEARER? For Fuck's Sake. I just fucking need it, why can't be destiny a little more fucking gentle about my fucking crappy life? I would be really fucking grateful. (Yeah, too much fuck xD)

But this stuff makes me think it's really good for me, because I'm able to ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT. And I did it. And I do it. And I will.


Yesterday night I went out with my German flatmate to get some tapas. We just felt like going out. First of all we spoke about going to a burger king. Later, to a telepizza. Later that, to a Döner kebap. And then I noticed "hey, we are in Granada, let's have some tapas! We can get burgers, pizza or whatever even cheaper, with soft drinks and fries. Cocroaches and spiders for free, sometimes. xD" I thought about going to a bar near home, where you pay only €1.20 for the drink, but I never went there before so finally we went to the Science Campus. After we ate we came across Jorge and had a little chat. I bought some chocolates and came back home.


Tonight I saw Jackass 3. Wont say anything. It's just... I love these Jackass guys. All of them. They're just awesome.


Sí, entrada en inglés. Tendrá más faltas que la hostia. Me la suda xD. Me apetecía. Creo que lo he hecho sólo un par de veces y... kind of felt it. Me voy a escribir antes de quedarme frita otra vez. Buenas noches y a cascarla xD

Está sonando: Gaia, de Faun.

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Morwen dijo...

I wish I could live closer too. I have you on Granada, Elvira on Cuba (nowdays on Madrid, but it's still a litlle bit far)...the world is small when you have a car, if not, it's like the very universe: everything it's a million years far and the transport sucks.

I miss to be a scholar (according to the dictionary, this is the word for students with a beca) and go here and there all the time. *Cries* Fucking bitch that won 126 million euros on euromillones, THOSE WERE MINE!!! Duh, whatever...

I have the interview tomorrow and I'm so nervous I could provoke another earthquake like the one on Italia, I really want to work on there, but on the other side, I don't: too far, too luxury, too intimidating. But just imagine I can become the Events Manager *¬* YAY! It would be great. I'll tell you if I managed to convince those people to let me begin the next Monday, if not, I'll go on friday or we'll see each other on Malaga on Saturday.

Me apetecía escribir a mí también en inglés, además de que lo tengo que practicar que tengo una falta de vocabulario tremendo. Un bezico, shiquilla.

Ariniel dijo...

Good luck in your interview tomorrow, just think about the money! xD I would,actually, Im kinda obsessed with money nowadays. It's like I'd like to pay my debt because of the laptop and the vet, and I'd like to get Dana to the vet again and stay here in Granada or spent the whole summer abroad.

I miss being a high-school student, actually. I miss when everything was THAT easy. Simple stuff and everything was kind of funnier. Now... you know, it's still funny but is more like... mature. Now you can see the world from another different point of view. And it's like sappy. For me, sometimes is kind of awkward because when I say or see something... well, there's different points of view of the same thing, the innocent one and the dirty one. Blah, you know what I mean.

Anyway, just wishing you good luck, you'll get money and it'll be easier for you going to Cuba for the wedding (and coming to visit me!!!!!!!!)

A mi también me apetece xD. Saluditos guapa. Tengo ganas de espachurrarte otra vez ;)

Ramona dijo...

Je ne suis pas aucune Spammer, comme certains pedorras insinuent et ne voient pas au-delà de ses yeux pour observer que plus de Spam du monde sont ses textes, sa vaste ironie et sa peu d'élégance verbale. J'espère que vous pouvez l'entendre, puisqu'il vous plaît tant de vous faire les listes(rayures).

Ariniel dijo...

No, ramona, si yo entiendo muy bien. Y sólo digo que quien se pica ajos come. No fui la que insinuó personalidad múltiple, sino un anónimo que sospecho quién fue. Y no creo que se te mencionase.

Y sobre los spammers, me refería a los anónimos, ahora que releo. Dado que lo tuyo ya lo hablamos supuse que no tenía que especificar.

En fin, que te vaya bien.

Morwen dijo...


Dios, es genial, sublime:

"comme certains pedorras"


Sigue usando las herramientas del idioma del google, que me parto.